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When your number comes up

Those lost on the treadmill life in the Land of Lost Board Members hear stories of salvation and resurrection. Its not often that we witness such an event. Salvation, resurrection, you ask, is this place a monastery? Let me explain nonprofit salvation and resurrection. We struggle for years raising funds, selling the cause, managing mission drift and goal gouging always trying to stay true while watching other issues grab their sexy moments in the sun. But nonprofit life evolves by ordained design. Your time comes and your time goes…..but salvation, resurrection!! Sometimes – your time comes again.

As you all have read we can no longer make ethnic slurs, spread social class insults, dis global warming scientists, nor believe everything you hear. The dormant concern for global rights and individual responsibility is front page. Humanity has been put back in the human race.

Who would have thought the impetus for change and for raising us to a higher level of human awareness would have come from China. Yes, you heard me, China. America has rallied, our pets will no longer find themselves risking fur and paw by eating tainted Chinese food.

“Yeah,” grumbled my friend Bella Pelorizado, “that risk goes back where it belongs – people who eat carry-out.” Bella is a little behind in reclaiming her humanity. I ignored her and continued typing.

This was the beginning of renewed interest in the world around us. People are listening to the news, people are concerned that there are risks and threats to face in life. Folks are going to be ready. No one would threaten Fluffy and get away with it again. With America on alert, the perfect storm has happened. With ear to the ground and eye on the prize, people are listening and evaluating information. Then, the unimaginable happened. The Supreme Court said the environment counts, that the EPA should do their job. What could this mean for The Alert?

“It means,” spoke a man behind me, “that it is all right to come out of the environmental closet. It means that recycling is not a four letter world. It means water should be positively drinkable and air should be breathed and not seen. Now we all understand what the court wants to conserve!” Cash Now, nonprofit CPA biker flexed his muscles.

“You’re a closet environmentalist, Cash? “ I asked.

“Yes, and that closet was getting plenty crowded.” He looked like he was ready to carry on about owls and smog, but I had a deadline. No time to talk. I kept typing.

The world turned inside out as The Alert, keeping their ears to the ground heard disgusting discourse, incivility and crude invective sprinkled with racial and sexual harassment. The Alert were shocked, appalled…

“ …and sore.” said Bella. “Keeping your ear to the ground can make you a little stiff. So The Alert are angry, and sore, not a good mix.”

And there they were. The Alert stood up and shouted. “We have almost had enough. We don’t want floating values – we want rules of human engagement. We want respect for all of us and for the world around us.” As they spoke, small buds of dormant issues appeared in the Land of Lost Board Members. Blossoms danced along the horizon, critical concerns awoke from years of hibernation. It was a new time, another season had finally come. Former nonprofit leaders were seen dusting off their mission statements.

“When your hot, you’re hot.” chanted The Alert.

The old ideas didn’t need much tweaking, they had been valid all along. The Alert had just been hypnotized in the high beams of an SUV, they had been dulled by transfats and been confused by the shock jocks.

What does this mean for the future of the Land of Lost Board Members? Well, it means that issues and agencies we haven’t heard from in awhile will be back in touch. There will be new life breathed into old staples like concern for your neighbors and respect for the world around us. We will be encouraged to discard stereotypes, and we will be reminded to nurture our children from cradle through college.

So Bella, Cash and I gathered at the edge of the Land of Lost Board Members and watched as all the the resurrected and the recycled left us Lost behind and walked toward the sun.

May, 2007
May 2007 When your Number Comes Up