About Renee

Photo of Renee - authorWriting is something I do – mostly as a volunteer or as an extremely low paid person. For several years I wrote a column for my local newspaper about local political issues. When I decided to run for local public office, I had to give up my pulpit. After eight years in elected office, I returned to writing a monthly newspaper column, but stayed away from politics, mostly.

My time after public service was claimed by the non-profit community, especially in board service. It was the perfect opportunity to return to writing a local column devoted to the discussing information related to nonprofit issues. For those of you not familiar with non-profits in your community, they are the force that keeps life civilized in a small town. The domestic violence shelter, the arts council, the array of national non-profits who have affiliates close by, such as, Boys and Girls Clubs, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross. All these and more are working hard along the American landscape, doing great work.

My column on non-profit issues started as an informative offering. Then I created strange people in a bizarre landscape to act out the issues I thought important. Although I have written this column for seven years, at the editor’s request, I no longer use “allegory” to make my point.
One thing led to another and I was soon sitting at my computer, refining the characters from my column and turning out stories. Now the story side of me comes out in The River Bend Chronicles, as mix of nonprofit service and family relationships, a little lust and murder on the side.