Meet the folks from River Bend


River Bend Chronicles Cast of Characters
Starting this series, as I’ve said, was a complete surprise to me. The characters demanded to exist, demanded to have their stories told. Some of my readers complain about having a difficult time keeping everyone straight. So I’m offering this cast list. The lead characters are in each story. The recurring characters are just that, friends and family who show up as needed in the stories, or are referred to by other characters. If you don’t find a character in the list, that’s someone who is a one book wonder.
Characters will be added to the lists as new books in the series are released.
Lead Characters
Recurring Characters


Lynn Hoefler Powers – executive director of the River Bend Philanthropies. Widowed, almost two years, when her husband died in a car accident – hit as he got out of his parked car, dragged and then hit by another car. Dark shoulder length, unruly hair. Hazel eyes and straight teeth with wide mouth smile. She works out because since turning forty she finds it harder to maintain her weight. She always thought she was tall enough, but when she stood next to her best friend, Piper she felt like a giant. In high school Lynn was a cheerleader and above average student. One son, Jason.
Jason Powers – Lynn’s son, rising sophomore in high school as the series opens, about 15. Tall, skinny adolescent with Lynn’s hazel eyes. He plays soccer. Intelligent.
Jim Hoefler – Lynn’s father, retired attorney, once was local DA and judge currently being treated for cancer. Thin physique is a result of chemo treatment. Just under six feet tall. Hazel eyes, wears glasses. Helene Hoefler – Jim’s dead wife.
Piper Llewellyn Hanby – long time friend of Lynn Powers, member of the Philanthropies Board, principal at Rathborn Elementary School in South End, divorced. Tiny, fair haired, fair skinned, blue eyed. Piper’s ex was a doc who got into drugs. She left him and returned to River Bend to salvage her life and build something good for her three sons.
Brice Hanby – oldest son, tall but slender. A high school senior as the series opens.
Doyle Hanby – middle son, friend of Jason Powers. Tending to chunky, fair haired – tall like his father with Piper’s coloring.
Jeff Hanby – Piper’s youngest son, smaller than the other boys. An eighth grader as the series opens.
Bri and Glenda Llewellyn – Piper’s parents
Will Zubov – local entrepreneur, raised in South End – a neighborhood along the river in River Bend. Successful, also went to school with Lynn. Sits on the Philanthropies board. Big, ex football physique. Works out to keep from going to flab. Lynn’s half-brother! Irena Zubov, Will’s dead mother
Dusty Reid – Chief investigator of the James County/River Bend Joint Investigation Unit. A year or two older than Will, Piper and Lynn. Went to high school in the county. Four brothers. Farming is the family business. Dusty still works on the farm when needed. Often referred to as that skinny detective.
Nathan Taft – Philanthropies donor and old River Bend money.
The James County/River Bend Joint Investigation Unit
Teniquia LaMont – a twenty-something African American woman with an investigative ability that could only be defined as ESP. Introduced in Taking a Chance
Danny Valeri – Italian-American. His relatives immigrated to River Bend about a hundred years ago, bringing good food and music to the region. Introduced in Taking a Chance
Martin (Mars) Healey – Mars to his friends, a former Marine with a degree in forensic accounting. An eligible bachelor. Introduced in Taking a Chance
River Bend Philanthropies – a local charitable foundation


The Rawlings’ Family
Cynthia Taft Rawlings – Nathan’s sister, fiftyish with a firm body and looks that are worth the money she has invested.
Zachary Rawlings – Cynthia’s husband. Slim, close cropped brown hair. Still looks boyish with brown eyes.
Nancy Rawlings – looks as a young deb should look. Doted on by her family. She maintains a shy, charming personality that might or might not grow to something more.
Bucknell Rawlings – older than Nancy, working for an investment bank. Smart. His life is ahead of him. An eligible bachelor.

The Reid Family

Mrs. Flora Reid – Dusty’s widowed mother
Herschel – the oldest brother, named after his father, Herschel Reid, Sr., manages the family farm corporation
Norton – the brother who operates a tractor sales and repair service
Carl – general contractor
Dusty – see Lead Characters
Kent – youngest brother who manages the finances of the farm corporation

The Santiago Family

Miguel Santiago – classmate of Will Zubov, from South End; painting contractor, married to Justine Santiago, a nurse. They live out of town. He is short, wiry and animated. Dark and clean shaven. Miguel has four children.
Lori Santiago – Miguel’s beautiful teenaged daughter
Paul – called Pablo – teen age
Matt – ten years old
Jake – Eight years old
Mrs. Santiago – Miguel’s mother, his father, Emilio, had been a fireman killer in action at the fire at the old Taft manufacturing plant.
Amelia Santiago Shipley – Miguel’s sister.
Dr. Diego Santiago – Miguel’s brother is a surgeon.

The Seymour Family

Hank – a small businessman. Divorced, raising four daughters.
Lily – ex Mrs. Seymour
Michelle – oldest Seymour daughter, a CPA.
Veronica (Ronnie) – mother of two and married to Kevin, the IT consultant for many River Bend clients.
Beth – in college with plans to attend law school.
Patti Ann – one of Jason’s friends.

The Investment Club

Beverly Wetzel – investment club member, in her fifties, owns Bev’s Spas in three counties.
Janet Bergman – investment club member, about 35 or 36, owns an internet sales business, and works part time for local IT consultant, Kevin.
Annie – investment club member. Has invested in Janet and Bev’s businesses. At 82 she says she’s too old to get rich.
Mona Stitz – classmate of Piper and Lynn; South End girl; good businesswoman.

Non-profit Colleagues

Salley Connelly – executive director of Womansafe the domestic violence shelter and program. Introduced in Taking a Chance.
Rory Prentiss – executive director of the Arts Council. Introduced in An Act of Charity.


Jane Brunfeld – local high school English teacher, long time lover of Gabe McElvoy.
Hutch Alan Dunn – great grandson and last male relative to serve in the oldest River Bend law firm, Hutch and Dunn
Cory Estridge – engaged to Nancy Rawlings
H. Lawrence Grayson – attorney. Pompous, stylish, well groomed, well dressed, manicured, mid-thirties. An eligible bachelor.
Gabe McElvoy – high school math teacher and sometime coach.
Robert O’Hara – Jim Hoefler’s personal attorney, had been law partners with Jim. Current chair of Philanthropies board.
Milly O’Hara – Robert’s wife and community volunteer, especially in the Arts
Dr. Rita Rutledge – local physician who volunteers to work with the victims of domestic violence.
Jan Ryan – ICU nurse, friend of Helene Hoefler.
Ted – Taft family house man.
Umberto Valeri – local bakery operator and Danny Valeri’s uncle.
Harriette Mitchell – widow, introduced in ’tis the Season.
Ricky Mitchell – son of Harriette, and Jason’s friend. Introduced in ’tis the Season.