Board Self-Evaluations

During the recent pleas for donations to help the Katrina victims, we have been warned to beware of scam artists trying to attract donations from sincere donors for victim relief. The reporters always recommend that we give our money to an agency that we know and trust. That’s a good rule for all of our… Continue Reading

Finding Nemo

A non profit Board should always be on the look out for fresh talent – new Board members. This is usually the time of year the nominating committee starts to look for those new members for midsummer elections. Everyone is talking about the Pro Draft – that’s what the nominating committee is – the committee… Continue Reading

Cosmic Questions

Sometimes we need to evaluate life with and without nonprofit Board participation. With that in mind, I visited the Land of Lost Board Members. It’s a sad place, neither here nor there, misty and gray, random meeting minutes floating through the air and a bylaws quagmire at the edge of Main Street. There I found… Continue Reading

Donor Database Management

Drinking coffee at a sidewalk cafe in the Land of Lost Board members is what you would expect. The land is neither in day nor night, hot nor cold, so the coffee is tepid and old. But I needed something after my surreal meeting with Bella Pelorizado. She is working to shutdown her nonprofit while… Continue Reading

Was it Worth it?

One of the forlorn community notice boards in the Land of Lost Board Members was covered with overlapping, over hyped, blurred fund raising announcements for unreadable agencies. They all ran together – “come to our breakfastlunchdinner during winterspringsummerfall for the event of a lifetime! Help our cause. Join our team. Spread the word.” Right in… Continue Reading

Plan your Donation Year

This is the time of year that we start collecting those random receipts to prove we – paid alimony, had no capital gains, practiced some level of stewardship at our Church. You know – tax time. You have a file where you have stuffed all those letters that nonprofits are required to send you –… Continue Reading

Board Member Self-evaluation

There are many ways to look at a Board of a non-profit agency to determine if the leadership is functioning and productive. A Board may look back at last year’s progress or look forward to projects, goals and objectives for the coming year. This all sounds suspiciously like Strategic planning or the dreaded annual Board… Continue Reading

When your number comes up

Those lost on the treadmill life in the Land of Lost Board Members hear stories of salvation and resurrection. Its not often that we witness such an event. Salvation, resurrection, you ask, is this place a monastery? Let me explain nonprofit salvation and resurrection. We struggle for years raising funds, selling the cause, managing mission… Continue Reading

Will you remember me?

In a land where it is never really day nor night, never really happy nor sad, we inhabitants sometimes forget that there are people and events that deserve to stand out in life. That is why I was wandering through the gray and withered landscape of the Land of Lost Board Members’ cemetery. It was… Continue Reading